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European Competition for Collaborative R&D Funding

Organic and large area electronics (also known as plastic electronics, printed electronics or organic electronics) allows electronic circuits and devices to be produced using relatively low cost printing processes onto any surface, whether rigid or flexible, and over large areas. It will lead to the creation of whole new generations of products such as conformable and rollable displays, large area efficient lighting, low cost solar cells, low-cost RFIDs and memories, flexible and environmental friendly batteries, etc. Its global market value is forecasted to increase from a little over €1 billion today to over €200 billion by 2027. Europe has a lead in the development of OLAE technology and has a vibrant emerging supply chain that must be supported and strengthened.

OLAE + is a joint initiative by:

Technology Strategy Board (TSB), UK

Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Germany

VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH, Germany

Israel-Europe R&D Directorate for theEU Framework Program (ISERD), Israel

Agentschap voor Innovatie door Wetenschap en Technologie (IWT), Flanders

VINNOVA – Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems, Sweden

National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR), Poland

Agency for the Support of Businesses in Catalonia (ACC1Ó), Catalonia

Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) / Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT), Austria

Co-funded by the EC’s Directorate-General Information Society and Media (DG IN FSO)