2012 Call

This €18 million competition is open to participants from Austria, Catalonia, Flanders, Germany, Israel, Poland, Sweden and the UK (the participating countries and regions). We expect to fund a mixture of small and large projects, with total costs typically in the range €0.5M to €3M. Projects must be bi- or multinational, collaborative, application-orientated and pre-competitive.

All proposals must be based on OLAE technologies.  Proposals should address one or more of the following:

  • Exploration and validation of new and innovative OLAE materials and their use in new functional devices and systems;
  • Process compatibility and integration for advanced system development
  • The development of production equipment and processes that enable the large-scale manufacturing of displays, lighting, photovoltaics and integrated smart systems using current or next-generation material sets;
  • Innovations in testing and measurement to enable or demonstrate high-volume in-line testing and repair;
  • The development of new devices, materials, architectures, circuits or modelling tools to enable additional or improved device functionality, such as complementary semiconductor devices that improve speed and power; or display, sensor or power devices that perform better and/or are more compatible with plastic electronic fabrication processes;
  • Significant improvements in barrier layer performance to manufacture at high speed, large volume and high yield;
  • Device/component/system early demonstrators, including organic photovoltaics, displays, lighting, and integrated smart systems;
  • Early validation of OLAE manufacturing techniques, including manufacturability, modelling and development of design/layout tools;
  • Through any of the above, showcasing the potential for new products and new business models and business cases in the supply chain.