Project Acronym LAPTRANS
Project Title Large Area Printed Transparent Electrode Systems for OLED Lighting and Displays
Project Start Date January 1st 2013
Project Duration 24 Months
Partners’ names and countries Intrinsiq Materials, UK
University of Brunel, UK
Orbotech, Israel
Invotec, UK
Plansee, Austria

Project Coordinator:

Name: Paul Reip

Organization: Intrinsiq Materials Ltd.


The project has the following objectives:

To reduce the cost of transparent conductive electrodes.

To improve the performance of the OLEDs by using internal high refractive index coatings, and thereby enhancing the light extraction.

To lengthen the life-time of OLEDs by using in-built getters in addition to the usual desiccant employed.

Establish that the combination of printed getter and high refractive index coating (Ta2O5), conductor (Cu) and hole injector (MoOx ink) work satisfactorily in an OLED sandwich on glass. To establish uniformity of light emission.

Establish that OLEDs can be translated to barrier coated plastics

To establish that UV-curable adhesives for glass to glass sealing could be equally applied to plastics to plastics and stainless steel to stainless or plastics.