Project Acronym LiCRA
Project Title Liquid Crystals for Robust applications
Project Start Date May 1st 2013
Project Duration 30 months
Partners’ names and countries Plastic Logic, UK
University of Stuttgart, Germany
LOFO, Germany
Micro resist technologies, Germany
Etkes, Israel

Project Coordinator:

Name: James Harding

Organization: Plastic Logic


Liquid crystal displays are the dominant technology for televisions, monitors and mobile phones. They are ubiquitous and instrumental in all aspects of the modern world. Yet despite their technological advancements LCDs are still made exclusively on glass.

The LiCRA project will develop prototypes of liquid crystal displays on plastic film substrates. These displays will be shatterproof whilst also being both thinner and lighter than their glass equivalents.

To achieve this the consortium will use state of the art technologies such as nano-imprint lithography, quantum-dots, organic transistors and more besides. The project will culminate in a prototype colour display similar to that from a mobile phone, but made using a process uniquely suitable for manufacturing plastic displays.